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We’ve Got You Covered.


Looking for help with your next music video or TV show? 

Creative Direction

Let our team make your vision come to life.


Bringing your dream performance to life starts with choreography.

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Our Mission

Entertainment, Excellence with Integrity.

Making an Impact

Make an impact and leave your mark.

Company Culture

Are you looking for ways to impact your company culture? Contact us today for your next leadership conference.

HiHat Productions

We’ve developed a community of artist, entertainers, athletes and entrepreneurs with integrity,  excellence, and creativity. We exist to help our community achieve the same successes that we’ve had in our career.

Entrepreneurs, Singers, Dancers and Athletes can all use relevant advice from industry experts that can help build their brands with excellence and integrity

We’re happy to be YOUR consultant, and teach you the skills needed to create more opportunities for yourself and generate more business.

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