Just Be You

Success in the entertainment business requires a strength that often times can be difficult to uphold. For many the booking specs are often specific and may cause a person to question or doubt  themselves. Weather it be your height, weight, skill set or a personal issue, the constant rejection can take a toll and cause individuals to search for outward validation.


The entertainment business often requires individuals to be somewhat of a chameleon and sometimes create alter ego’s to help transform them into the artist they want to be. However it’s important to leave that image on the stage and keep your personal identity in check, and be true to yourself.


Evaluating the roles we take on is important. At times one might play a role to fit into the entertainment business, which intern means they may dumb down who they really are and make them overly concerned about what others might think. After years of repeating this pattern it’s easy to lose sight of who you really are.


Don’t let this happen to you!


Always be true to yourself and do whatever it takes to walk in your purpose. The real you is always the best you!


“Always be true to yourself and do whatever it takes to walk in your purpose”.

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