Invest In Yourself

Investing in yourself, sends a powerful message to the world.

That message says I believe in me! I’m valuable, and the potential within me is important and worth the time, space and energy I’m going to give it to grow, and create results.

If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else?

There is no success without an investment of capital. Take control of your business, raise your own capital and invest in yourself. It’s your brand, your development, your music, so take control of it.  

Parents do their children a great service by teaching them to invest time and energy into earning what they want.  Letting children work for something helps them learn to appreciate it more, as opposed to just giving it to them which often times can encourage devaluing. This devaluing ultimately leads to being easily controlled and manipulated by people and even material things.

This is partly why we see a rise in underdeveloped, unsuccessful artist, and a decline in the quality of music.

Did you know over 90% of artist that get signed to a deal get dropped?

People who have worked to develop their business skills, but could care less about the quality of music being distributed are demanding returns on investments in ridiculously shorter and shorter time frames. This is aiding in the downward spiral in the quality of the music.

Someone once said “What you allow will continue.” Let’s put an end to this right now!

You are Art and it’s YOUR brand! Invest in it by:

  1. Raising capital
  2. Hire a Business Consultant
  3. Create a business plan
  4. Learn how to start a business
  5. Develop your brand
  6. Market your products
  7. Develop your artistry.

Invest in your art and your brand if you want to control it.

Business is more often about what you negotiate, not always what’s fair. Know your value, know your worth. Show you believe in yourself with your actions and not just your words.

Investing in yourself, sends a powerful message to the world.”

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