On The Road Again

Tip #1:

Don’t confuse your life on tour with real life: Being on the road for many Dancers is a dream come true. The roar of the crowd along with getting paid to do what you love can be the best feeling ever! Not only are you being paid to do what you love, but you are making new friends and hanging with celebrities. Your family brags on your accomplishments and you feel great!

But what happens when the tour comes to an end?

Going home after all of the traveling, performing, and attending V.I.P. parties can be hard for many. This is where reality sets in and you realize you have to wait in line to enter a party, pay for that fancy meal, and those new friends are nowhere to be found.


Tip #2:

Save your money: Hopefully you set money aside while living the dream, because hearing your family ask “What did you do with ALL of your money” is one of the worst feelings ever! Remember, they see you on stage with a celebrity and automatically assume you are making the big bucks.


Tip #3:

Good Choices = A Good Life/Bad Choices = A Bad Life: Most tours come complete with alcohol in your dressing room, easy access to drugs, and a lot of after parties. It’s impossible to be on tour and not be surrounded by temptation. An occasional drink may be normal, but watch out for the pitfalls of addiction.

If only the money you worked for could follow you home like those habits and addictions!

Tip #4

Build Trust: As a dancer your are also a brand/business. This means you must build trust in order to build your business. Real trust is the building block of successful businesses and brands. On the road:

  • Real trust leads to real dialogue.
  • Real dialogue leads to real commitments.
  • Real commitments leads to real accountability.
  • Real accountability leads to successful results and residual business.


You will not get more work and build your business if you don’t build trust first.

Tip #5

Stay Humble: Most people have a false understanding of what “Humble” really means. Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less. As a touring dancer you could be away from the dance community for as long as two years. It is important to remain humble while on the road because you will need relationships to book more jobs. Remember “Your talent will get you in, but your attitude will keep you there”.

You will come home to new choreographers and dancers that you have never seen before. You will see new styles that you may not agree with. But, guess what? The beat goes on! Don’t let your experience on one tour make you feel above auditioning for another opportunity! Ego can sometimes take over an entertainers mind and leave them stagnant, so stay humble.

Tour life can be amazing if you are properly prepared.

We understand that tour life will present some pitfalls, but it is also full of fun and life changing memories. We hope this helps you prepare as you go into a new year filled with new opportunities!

We would love to hear some funny tour stories from you guys. Any funny pranks, stage horrors, or thought provoking memories would be great to hear!

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“It is important to remain humble while on the road because you will need relationships to book more jobs. Remember “Your talent will get you in, but your attitude will keep you there..”

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