About Us

Like most of you, when we decided to pursue our dreams to express ourselves through our art, we weren’t taken seriously by many of the people around us.

Many were unable to relate to us as artist, and because of that we found ourselves listening to the wrong voices. Our hopes and dreams of making a living in entertainment was thought to be foolish and a waste of time.

We began the journey of creating HiHat Productions in search of new and better working opportunities doing what we loved. Initially we found a shortage of opportunities, and received our share of bad advice from many who thought they knew more than they actually did. Firsthand we saw work that was less than excellent, and people that lacked integrity.

We made a decision to stop listening to the noise of negative voices surrounding us, and to stop focusing on the things we couldn’t control. Instead we began to focus on the things we could control while surrounding ourselves with positive individuals that were experts in our field. Since finding our community we began building trust based relationships that helped to build our business.

As a result, HiHat Productions has become one of the leading businesses in this industry.

We’ve developed a community of artist, entertainers, athletes and entrepreneurs with integrity,  excellence, and creativity. We exist to help our community achieve the same successes that we’ve had in our career.

Entrepreneurs, Singers, Dancers and Athletes can all use relevant advice from industry experts that can help build their brands with excellence and integrity

We’re happy to be YOUR consultant, and teach you the skills needed to create more opportunities for yourself and generate more business.

Check out our website and take advantage of the opportunities we’ve made available through the services we offer. Join our community today. We look forward to working with you!