HiHat Productions

HiHat Productions have partnered with some of the greatest entertainers of our time and together we’ve created countless memorable events! More than just a production company we are here to disrupt the norms while displaying Excellence and Integrity! We exist to Serve, Collaborate and bring visions to life. 

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Client Testimonials

I loved working with HiHat Productions on various projects throughout my career. They have become more like family.

Missy Elliot


“Hi-Hat was born to do what she does. Her choreography is an innovative classic.

Whatever you need, she can give it to you. She’s so patient and super supportive. She won’t quit, even if you quit. She will find a way for you to be great. I’m happy to tell the world how amazing Hi-Hat is. That’s real love!

Mary J. Blige


“Hihat is a living legend that brings to each job not only an innovation to dance, but also a sense of spirit, emotion, culture, and most excitingly a well curated knowledge of the global community of dance. And yet still makes time to mentor younger talents, helping guide them to their own successes. She may be the loudest voice on set, but is also the most lovely.”

Dave Meyers


“I was rusty and I couldn’t get the white out of me, but now with Hi-Hat, I got swagger.”

Justin Bieber


Hi-hat you are an angel sent from God! 



“Beyond anything you could say about Hi Hat and what a talented person she is, and what a unique style she has, which are indisputable—when you are preparing a project where you know all eyes are on you, it can be rather nerve-racking and stressful, and she was always there for me, on a human level, just so warm, optimistic, and with the best positive energy. She helped me get through some of the most challenging moments, and not only did we collaborate to put together and create iconic, unforgettable pieces throughout my career, but the moments we shared together preparing them were also unforgettable, the way she supported me leading up to all these career-defining moments—and she will always have a special place in my heart for that.”