HiHat Productions history and reputation have afforded the opportunity to collaborate with many of the greatest entertainers of our time, and together have created countless memorable projects. More than just a production company, the HiHat Productions umbrella covers individual sectors in Artist and Athlete Management, Public Relations, and Business Consulting.

Our unique ability to bring something innovative, exciting and “creative” to the production process is what makes us remarkable. We provide high quality inventive and innovative experiences for all ventures, thus being the “excellence” part of our philosophy.

With humble roots in New York and Los Angeles, we work with both established and up and coming artists to contribute to the success of their careers. Our creative direction, exceptional production management and choreography techniques offer diversified assistance to help craft our client’s artistry. With sincerity, we take pride in honoring the dreams of everyone who comes across our path which amplifies the “integrity” part of our philosophy.

Chris Ruffin

Co-CEO, HiHat Productions


Co-CEO, HiHat Productions

Brad Williams

General Manager

Angie Williams

Director of Production

Lindsey Arellano

Director of Digital Marketing

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